Hi, I'm Sandrah!

Hi, I'm Sandrah!

Sandrah Araja, Kalimba Artist

My name is Sandrah Araja, I am a passionate kalimba player. Ever since I discovered this unique instrument, I have been captivated by its soothing melodies and the range of emotions it can convey.

As I practiced and experimented with different playing techniques, my passion for the instrument grew stronger. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and creating my own arrangements of popular songs. I believe that the kalimba has the power to transport people to a world of tranquility and bring a sense of peace and calm to their lives.

How did my Kalimba Journey begin?

It was in February 2019 when I discovered the music of Queen and was immediately captivated by their unique sound and powerful lyrics. Since then, I have been an avid fan of the band and their music has been a major source of inspiration for me in my musical journey.

My journey with the kalimba began unexpectedly when I stumbled upon an online vintage store. They had posted a printed kalimba tab for Queen’s iconic ballad, “Love of My Life.” As a huge Queen fan, I was immediately intrigued.

After researching the kalimba, I knew I had to try it for myself. I ordered my first kalimba and eagerly waited for it to arrive.

When it finally arrived, I was overjoyed to start playing. I encountered some challenges with tuning the instrument. It took some time and practice to get it just right, but I persevered and tried it every day. Now, tuning the kalimba is second nature to me and I am happy to share my knowledge with others who are new to the instrument.

My discovery of the kalimba has opened up a whole new world of musical expression for me. I am grateful to that vintage store for introducing me to this beautiful instrument. Without that chance encounter, I may never have discovered the joy of playing the kalimba.

Also, thanks to Queen’s music, I discovered the magic that this instrument can bring and it has since become an essential part of my musical expression. While my initial inspiration came from the band, my love for the kalimba has grown beyond that and I enjoy sharing its beauty and versatility with others.

I hope that my music and my love for the kalimba can inspire you to discover the beauty of this unique instrument.

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